Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Pictures (10 Pics, 31 Items)

Click each pic to enlarge.
Picture 1. Contains 21 items. Jere with the following:

Front row, L-R: Yearbook, Program, Media Guide, Sox-Yanks ticket, Mark Bellhorn autographed card, pocket schedule, bumper sticker.

Middle row: Pink hat, socks, newspaper (headline hidden--see picture with proof of headline below), magazine, book, movie.

Top row: Male fan (Jere), blue hat (2), figurine, Sox player (actually separate picture, also contains me), magnet/calendar combo (see picture below for proof this is a magnet), cereal box, cup.

Picture 2. Contains 1 item: Red Red Sox hat (barely visible behind Jere's head).

Picture 3. Contains 2 items: Blog address with tattoo, female Sox fan.

Picture 4. Contains 1 item: Jere with statue of Ted Williams.

Picture 5. Contains 1 item: Jere with Gate C, Fenway Park.

Picture 6. Contains 1 item: Jere with Jim Rice's Hall of Fame plaque.

Picture 7. Contains 1 item: Jere with (primarily) white Sox hat in foreground.

Picture 8. Contains 1 item: Jere with "Red Sox bathing suit." (Is he not bathing/swimming in a "suit" with the official Red Sox script on it?)

Picture 9. Contains 1 item: Beckett replica jersey. Only proof pic was taken by Jere is that it originally appeared at his blog here:

Picture 10. Contains 1 item: Goin' out on a limb here. I took this picture. Originally appeared here:, and proof I took it is acknowledged by Rebecca in that post. And as you can see, Kevin Youkilis is wearing a T-shirt. Hence, a Kevin Youkilis T-shirt. (Also note: video still of moment I took picture with other hand is here:

31 total items proposed, in 10 different pictures. Jere respects all judges' decisions.

Electronically signed,

Jere Smith

Pics for proof:

Calendar from top pic is sticking to fridge, clearly a magnet.

Newspaper from top pic clearly contains Sox-related front-page headline.

Final note: Nothing was purchased for the purpose of this scavenger hunt.