Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Pictures (10 Pics, 31 Items)

Click each pic to enlarge.
Picture 1. Contains 21 items. Jere with the following:

Front row, L-R: Yearbook, Program, Media Guide, Sox-Yanks ticket, Mark Bellhorn autographed card, pocket schedule, bumper sticker.

Middle row: Pink hat, socks, newspaper (headline hidden--see picture with proof of headline below), magazine, book, movie.

Top row: Male fan (Jere), blue hat (2), figurine, Sox player (actually separate picture, also contains me), magnet/calendar combo (see picture below for proof this is a magnet), cereal box, cup.

Picture 2. Contains 1 item: Red Red Sox hat (barely visible behind Jere's head).

Picture 3. Contains 2 items: Blog address with tattoo, female Sox fan.

Picture 4. Contains 1 item: Jere with statue of Ted Williams.

Picture 5. Contains 1 item: Jere with Gate C, Fenway Park.

Picture 6. Contains 1 item: Jere with Jim Rice's Hall of Fame plaque.

Picture 7. Contains 1 item: Jere with (primarily) white Sox hat in foreground.

Picture 8. Contains 1 item: Jere with "Red Sox bathing suit." (Is he not bathing/swimming in a "suit" with the official Red Sox script on it?)

Picture 9. Contains 1 item: Beckett replica jersey. Only proof pic was taken by Jere is that it originally appeared at his blog here:

Picture 10. Contains 1 item: Goin' out on a limb here. I took this picture. Originally appeared here:, and proof I took it is acknowledged by Rebecca in that post. And as you can see, Kevin Youkilis is wearing a T-shirt. Hence, a Kevin Youkilis T-shirt. (Also note: video still of moment I took picture with other hand is here:

31 total items proposed, in 10 different pictures. Jere respects all judges' decisions.

Electronically signed,

Jere Smith

Pics for proof:

Calendar from top pic is sticking to fridge, clearly a magnet.

Newspaper from top pic clearly contains Sox-related front-page headline.

Final note: Nothing was purchased for the purpose of this scavenger hunt.

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  1. credits:

    Thanks to Kim for taking shots of me outside Fenway last time we had to go to Boston.

    Thanks to Jean for lending me the Red Sox yearbook she had at her desk at work so I wouldn't have to go to the attic to get one of the 20 I have.

    Thanks to Reb for going player-stalking with me and letting me use the Youk photo I took with her camera event hough I didn't ask her.

    Thanks to the person at the Joy of Sox gathering for getting that shot of me in the Coke deck seats.

    Thanks to either Kim or my mom, who took the shot of me in the water.

    Thanks to Kim for letting me take a picture of her tattoo while she was trying to do laundry last night.

    Thanks to Johnny Pesky for taking that pic with me in like 2003.

    Thansk to my sister for buying us those Red Sox cups for Xmas a few years ago.